We’re just five days away from the Green Digital Charter Award ceremony during which three Green Digital Charter signatory cities will be recognised for their contribution to the objectives of the charter.

In total, 21 projects, implemented in 14 cities, were submitted for this second edition of the GDC awards. They can all be found in our 2016 collection of case-studies available at: bit.ly/GDC-case-studies-2016.


Four smart city experts have been asked to select the best projects out of 21, implemented in 14 European cities and competing in three categories. Three projects have been shortlisted in each category. All nominated projects represent the best in urban innovation – judge for your by leafing through our new collection of case studies (bit.ly/GDC–case-studies-2016).

The jury is composed of Miimu Airaksinen (VTT, Finland), Peter Bosch (TNO, Netherlands), Jan Dictus (GOJA Consulting, Austria), and Cristobal Irazoqui (European Commission, DG CNECT).

The shortlisted projects are:


Congratulations to all of them! Winners will be announced on Wednesday 25 January during the conference “Cities in Transition – the role of digital in shaping our future”.

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