The Green Digital Charter initiative has the aim to be a live document that adapts to contemporary developments and in particular to the impact of information and communication technologies have on the lives and needs of citizens.

During the last EUROCITIES knowledge society forum meeting in Brussels we presented the draft text of the new Green Digital Charter to the members and signatory of the initiative.know_future_building blocks

The updated Green Digital Charter commits cities to working together to deliver on the EU’s objective of expanding the use of digital technologies in a way that improves the life of their citizens and addresses the challenges of growth, sustainability and resilience.

At the same time, the GDC wants to reflect the main policy and technology developments taking place at local, national and international level and collaborate with initiatives, communications and projects which are directly relevant to the implementation of the Green Digital Charter for cities and citizens.

The final version of the text will be announced in the next months with a ceremony event.

Read the updated GDC text.