Linkoping and Venice signed the Green Digital Charter on 4 and 5 May 2012 respectively. The number of signatories to the Charter, through which cities commit to reducing their carbon emissions through ICT, now stands at 28.

Christian Gustavsson, Linkoping City Commissioner





Christian Gustavsson, Linkoping city commissioner, signed the charter during the ‘Smart Energy & Sustainable ICT’ onference on 4 May in front of the European Commission representatives, other European cities and stakeholders. He said:
«Linkoping has come a long way, but we are happy to join forces with others for a better, sustainable future. Signing the Green Digital Charter is an important statement but also an important part of our zero footprint strategy».


Gianfranco Bettin, Venice Councillor for Environment and Digital Citizenship


Venice signed the Charter the following day during ‘Notte Verde Venezia’ (Green Night), an event focusing on sustainability and involving cities and boroughs in the north-east of Italy.

Gianfranco Bettin, councillor for environment and digital citizenship, signed on behalf of Venice. He said:

«Cities play a crucial role in reaching the objectives of the fight to the climate change inEurope, working in cooperation with the European institutions and the Member States. The plans of economic recovery undertaken to face the actual financial crisis ask cities to take a leadership role in tackling the climate change through innovative technological solutions».