1At the kind invitation from the Municipality of the Genoa, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is organizing a series of events concentrated on prominent theme of “Smart Sustainable Cities”.

Cities are at the same time drivers of social and economic development, as well as responsible for resources consumption and pollution. Furthermore, the rising global urban population is intensifying environmental pressure and social and economic challenges.

ICT can play a significant role in fostering livability in cities, enabling us to live more sustainably. Urban infrastructure and services that rely on ICT-integrated solutions can enhance sustainable lifestyles, foster a more intelligent and profitable use of resources and promote social justice.

ICT can make the change happen. This is why it matters how we use it.

These events intend to bring together leading specialists in the field, from top policy-makers to engineers, designers, planners, government officials, regulators, academia, standards experts and others to raise awareness on the role of ICTs to build the cities we want.

Event Overview

17-18 June 2014 (morning): Event “TRANSFORM”
18 June 2014 (afternoon): Forum on “The city we want: smart and  sustainable”
19-20 June 2014: Fifth meeting of the Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities (FG-SSC)


Draft programmes, practical information and online registration for the events is available on the ITU website at:


For more information contact Ms Cristina Bueti at: greenstandard@itu.int