As European Green Capital, Bristol has joined forces with ICLEI, which represents local governments for sustainability, and the City of Paris to co-host the Cities & Regions Pavilion at COP21.Bristol_env_mob_events_culture_cityscape_architecture

The Pavilion will bring together the voices of cities and local governments to raise the level of ambition, awareness and visibility of existing and potential local climate action.

It will be a lively place of learning, debate and influence, hosting thematic workshops and daily sessions as part of ICLEI’s Transformative Actions Program (TAP).

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Bristol Sessions*

Tuesday 01/12 11:30-13:00 – Bristol: Our Next Big Step – creating a liveable, smart and sustainable city through innovative Public-Private-People partnerships.

In this, Bristol’s opening session at COP, hear from George Ferguson, the Mayor of Bristol and engage with senior leaders from business, Government and the community as they talk about how Public-Private-People partnerships are driving innovation in Bristol to create a resilient future trajectory for the city and its citizens.

Speakers – Mayor George Ferguson

Tuesday 01/12 13:00-14:30 – TAP Time: “Energy Efficiency for Everyone. Bristol Energy: Scaling up investment”.

Bristol is implementing the UK’s largest energy efficiency and renewable energy investment programme and is now planning the next phase, to scale up this investment and achieve significant carbon and energy savings.

Speakers – Barra Mac Ruairi, Strategic Director Place, Bristol City Council

Tuesday 01/12 15:00-17:00 – TAP Time: “The Bristol Brain – Reimagining the way we plan for the future”.

An urban simulator that evolves as the city does, that invites different city actors to play with the city, to imagine different futures and engages them in debate and design to achieve a sustainable, resilient, happy city.

Speakers – Stephen Hilton, Director of Bristol Futures, Bristol City Council

Tuesday 01/12 15:00-16:30 – Economics of a Low Carbon City – mini stern for Cities

This workshop will explore the mini-stern approach to decarbonise a city and the experience of applying it in cities around the world, including the latest results for the city of Bristol.

Speakers – Andrew Gouldson, University of Leeds, UK

Tuesday 01/12 17:00-18:30 – European Green Capitals session

Bristol has invited Daniel Calleja, Director-General of European Commission’s DG Environment to facilitate a debate between the Mayors from the European Green Capital title on their achievements in carbon reduction; their future ambitions; their experience in working with businesses to create jobs and growth in the low carbon economy; and how winning the title has influenced their thinking.

Speakers – Daniel Calleja, Director-General of European Commission’s DG Environment and high-level political representatives of the winning cities

Wednesday 02/12 09:30-10:30 – From a green to a resilient city – what Bristol is doing to secure its future

Bristol shares its stories on what it has been doing as European Green Capital; how and why we joined the 100 Resilient Cities Network; what the emerging priorities are for short term action; and taking the long view, from here to 2065 (Climate and Energy Security Framework and 50 year resilient trajectory).

Speakers – Alex Minshull, City Sustainability Manager and Sarah Toy, Strategic Resilience Officer, Bristol City Council

Wednesday 02/12 10:30–11:30 – Who builds cities? The value and role of partnerships in creating sustainable future cities
This workshop will explore the complex and sophisticated partnership arrangements required at city scale to build the cities of the future.

Speakers – Gary Topp, Development Manager, Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Wednesday 02/12 12:00–13:00 – How to bring sustainability to life in the classroom

This workshop will showcase sessions developed for classroom learning, films and other high quality resources, and a new website being rolled out across the UK and beyond. Key partners included the international animation studio, Aardman Animations.

Speakers – Jo Taylor, Head of Education, Bristol 2015 Ltd

Friday 11/12 13:00-14:30 – Facing the Future

Reflections on COP21 and a discussion on how this may influence cities’ strategies

Speakers – Alex Minshull, City Sustainability Manager, Bristol City Council and Rich Pancost, Director of Cabot’s Institute, University of Bristol

*Times may be subject to change. Please check the website and onsite information for updated information.