We showed the draft visualisation aspect of the ICT carbon footprint tool to a city yesterday and it was very well received.  Now it is possible for cities to see their percentage reduction from one date to the next.  This is an essential part of the Charter.

The city also observed on the use of spreadsheets to capture ICT carbon footprint data.  Remembering another city rep told the
participants that the ICT carbon footprint spreadsheet we had provided was ‘excellent’.  Similarly, this city rep indicated that a spreadsheet is very useful as it can be manipulated with their own data and calculations and then ‘cleaned up’ for the visualization.


We are still working well with Linkoping to develop ICT carbon footprint tool.

Linkoping have even produced an open source tool especially for the project!  It is called ‘EasyArp’ and is a very neat piece of software which captures data from an existing IP network messaging process to find out the ‘uptime’ of each ICT item using DNS records.  They have agreed to share this tool with everyone..

Our next step is to develop a user friendly visual interface for people to capture the data and provide some visual analysis so they can  assess their progress.