ITU together with TechAmerica Europe is organizing the second Green Standards Week from 17 to 21 September 2012 in Paris, with the main purpose of raising awareness of the importance and opportunities of using ICT standards to build a green economy.

Alongside other sections all highlighting the importance ICT plays in building a sustainable society, one session directly focus on cities.

Co-organised by the European Commission, the  Forum on “Greener Smarter Better Cities” will first examine how cities can assess their GHG emissions and energy consumption, also providing an overview of international standards, indicators and tools for measurement.

Three Green Digital Charter signatory cities – namely Amsterdam, Manchester and Bristol – will present their experiences in measuring their ICT footprints.

The session will then discuss the need for a possible regulation versus the implementation of voluntary standards to reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption in cities.

For more information:

ITU Green Standards Week


– ITU-EC Forum on “Greener Smarter Better Cities”