2011_10_14th_LOGO_GDC_draft03dThe new project, under the name GuiDanCe, will help EUROCITIES to support and guide the Green Digital Charter (GDC) signatory cities work together towards their commitments.

GDC is a EUROCITIES response, initiated by Clicks and Links Ltd and the City of Manchester, as part of a ‘Greenshift’ initiative. It has been realised through the work of the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum Working Group on ICT for Energy Efficiency, led by the City of Manchester. It was built on ICT-enabled sustainability initiatives like “Smart 2020,” with the Global e-sustainability initiative and the Climate Group, and “ICT4EE” with the European Commission.

The Charter commits cities to delivering on the EU climate objectives through the development of urban digital strategies, the implementation of integrated, large-scale, ICT-based solutions, the development of cities as open innovation platforms and the creation of new partnerships under a green and urban “digital agenda”. Up to now, 45 major cities from 20 European countries have signed the GDC, and are successfully working together towards the aforementioned objectives.

GuiDanCe is funded by Horizon 2020 and follows-up the work done by the FP7-NiCE project “Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency”. More specifically, the project will work towards three main objectives:

  1. Strengthen the engagement of GDC signatory cities to create a club of cities that work together towards their GDC commitments;
  2. Improve existing GDC tools and services and their impact to signatory cities;
  3. Promote GDC signatory cities’ activities in and outside the EU.

The project started in March 2015 and will run for 3 years.

For more information you can contact nikolaos.kontinakis@eurocities.eu, anja.decunto@eurocities.eu or visit www.greendigitalcharter.eu