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Download here the Green Digital Charter Governance document


Access to the Green Digital Charter is open to all local authorities democratically constituted with/by elected representatives willing to commit to the statements in the Green Digital Charter. The access is regardless to the cities’ stage of implementation of their energy and climate policies. Nevertheless, certain criteria are in place for city affiliation. 


To join the Green Digital Charter, local authorities should undertake the following process:


  • Cities present the Green Digital Charter initiative to the Municipal Council who must adopt it formally.


  • Once the decision is formally made, cities must inform the Green Digital Charter Contact Point (, managed by the EUROCITIES secretariat, which will facilitate the affiliation process.
  • Cities must provide their contact point with a completed city profile questionnaire (download the form here). This document will be considered as the city application form.


  • Cities can then organise a signing ceremony at local level. Representatives of both EUROCITIES and the European Commission should be invited as well as local media.
  • The Mayor – or equivalent representative of the council – must sign the Green Digital Charter text, which will be provided by the Contact Point (read the full text here).
  • After signature, cities must provide the Charter Contact Point with
    • a scanned copy of the signed and dated Charter/Letter;
    • photos of the ceremony, ideally showing the signature moment;
    • a written statement by the responsible politician;
    • overview of local media coverage.

The city will then be included in the public list of Green Digital Charter signatories. The Green Digital Charter Contact Point will organise regular signing ceremonies at European level during which new signatory and partner cities can renew their commitment in front of the EU institutions and other signatories.


Local authorities can sign the Green Digital Charter at any time, following the above mentioned procedure.


The current and future signatories of the Green Digital Charter are the main target group of the GuiDanCe project.

Signing the Charter can first of all contribute to cities’ smart, digital and environmental programme as its objectives are fitting cities’ agenda as well as current and future EU policy with regards to ICT and energy efficiency, as well as the 20/20/20 goals.

Moreover, signatories can benefit of a list of support activities and tools especially designed to support cities in the implementation of the Green Digital Charter.

For more information see: our benefits for cities page and our leaflet.


Do not hesitate to contact the Green Digital Charter Contact point!  or +32 (0)2 552 08 46