City quotes

“The commitment of cities to setting targets to reduce their own carbon footprint and also to deploy five large scale ICT pilots for cities before 2015 is truly inspiring.”

Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda

The 19th century was a century of empires, the 20th century was a century of nation states. The 21st century will be a century of cities.

Wellington E. Webb, Former Mayor of Denver

Birmingham has set itself the ambitious carbon reduction target of 60% by 2026… [and] signing the Green Digital Charter allows us to emphasise and support the use of ICT for sustainability and carbon reduction.


Bristol signed the Green Digital Charter in 2010 as we were already a leading city on green digital work and we wanted to showcase our projects and share our learning wider within Europe and use the learning from other cities to develop our programme further.


The ambitions [of the Green Digital Charter] fit with the Eindhoven strategy concerning our energy consumption and with the digital agenda as well and particularly when it comes to increasing the benefits of our citizens.

Rob van Gijzel,Mayor of Eindhoven

[Genoa decided to sign the Green Digital Charter because the] Charter’s issues are crucial to develop actions in line with strategic plan of the City of Genoa.


It was a great opportunity to sign the Green Digital Charter together with other cities; and to be part of a network with great potential to exchange ideas and good practices that really work on the local level.


The City of Helsinki regards the Green Digital Charter as an opportunity to share experiences and best practices in energy-efficiency of ICT.


Linköping has come a long way but wants to join forces with other cities in Europe for a better, sustainable future. Signing the Green Digital Charter is an important statement but also an important part of Linköping’s zero footprint strategy.


The development of projects in the ICT/energy efficiency area is fairly new and the sharing of experiences with other cities, namely the signatories of the Green Digital Charter is an added value […] for the development of projects in this field.


“Europe’s climate targets will only be met through measures that help city governments to manage down their carbon footprint. The Green Digital Charter aims to be a catalyst for cities to work together to find creative and imaginative ways to become smart cities.

Francisco de la Torre Prado, Mayor of Malaga

The [Green Digital Charter] is in line with the City of Malmö’s brand and city profile, and the city environmental program. […] The declaration also puts pressure on the management of the internal IT support work in an efficient, flexible and resource-optimized manner. The city of Malmö would like to contribute and share experiences with other leading cities in Green IT.


Real opportunities exist today for harnessing digital technologies to address climate change, especially to increase energy efficiency. Cities have a crucial role to play in achieving Europe-wide climate change targets in partnership with EU institutions and Member States.”

Sir Richard Leese,Leader of Manchester City Council

Through Green Digital Charter the City of Rijeka has the opportunity to express its interest in the cooperation with EU cities that have managed so far to reduce the bad impact of urban development on the environment and to improve the life quality of their citizens by their creative and innovative approach to the application of new technologies.


Green Digital Charter points out several objectives and activities, which also are our main priorities in order to make Stockholm a sustainable city.


Signing the [Green Digital] Charter is a real opportunity for Venice to work with other cities in Italy and Europe to promote green connected cities for the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of all citizens.

Gianfranco Bettin, Councillor of Venice for Environment and Digital Citizenship

[Vienna signed the Charter because the] combination of ‘green’ and ‘digital’ was irresistible – first ever approach on a strategic level.


By signing this Charter, the City of Zagreb has expressed its commitment for creating and promoting the network of ‘green’ connected cities that use energy efficient ICT.