Green Digital Charter

The Green Digital Charter is a declaration committing cities to working together to deliver on the EU climate objectives through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It therefore promotes progress in tackling climate change through the innovative use of digital technologies in cities.

In addition to a range of statements and aims, the Charter entails three specific commitments: 

  • to work with Green Digital Charter signatories on ICT & energy efficiency
  • to deploy five large-scale ICT for energy efficiency pilots per city within 5 years from the signature
  • to decrease ICT’s direct carbon footprint per city by 30% within 10 years from the signature

Read the full text of the Green Digital Charter here

The Charter is currently signed by over 40 major European cities and is open to local authorities regardless of the stage of implementation of their energy and climate policies.

Read about the criteria and process for signing the Green Digital Charter, about the Charter signatories and how to become a signatory

The Green Digital Charter is a EUROCITIES initiative, started by the City of Manchester and Clicks and Links Ltd, as part of Green Shift Europe, and supported by the European Commission.

Read more on the Green Digital Charter’s history


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