On 28th January, Clicks & Links, IOER and EUROCITIES ran a combined training session for cities interested in using the Green Digital Toolkit.

EUROCITIES described how the toolkit is designed to help cities implement the Green Digital Charter.

Clicks & Links asked the cities to identify ‘green digital’ activities.  These are activities within their cities which EITHER use ICT to deliver green/environmental initiatives OR are focused on making ICT itself more green.  The city representatives all had 2-3 activities that were relevant and posted these activities onto the toolkit.  Signatory cities of the Green Digital Charter were pleased to see their activities immediately go ‘live’ on the website.

The cities were also encouraged to share details of tools related to their activities.  ‘Tools’ are reusable pieces of information, that could be applied in another city such as methodologies, software, business cases, feasibility studies.  Identifying tools was much harder for the cities – they are used to sharing best practice but they are not used to thinking about what documents, data or processes they could share.