Barcelona signs the Charter: Vice-President Kroes and Mayor Trias

The number of signatories to the Green Digital Charter rose to 26 in February 2012 after Barcelona and Eindhoven signed up to the initiative.

Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona, signed the Charter on 28 February in the presence of Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda. The signature ceremony took place inBarcelonacoinciding with the Mobile World Congress.

“Barcelona is making a determined bid to become a smart city,” explained Xavier Trias,  “the signing of the Green Digital Charter will help position the city at European energy levels.”

Mayor Rob van Gijzel signs the Green Digital Charter




The following day, Rob van Gijzel, Mayor of Eindhoven, confirmed his city’s commitment to reducing emissions through ICT by also signing the Charter at a local ceremony in Eindhoven city hall.

The mayor declared, “the ambitions [of the Green Digital Charter] fit with Eindhoven’s strategy on energy consumption and with the digital agenda as well, particularly when it comes to increasing the benefits of our citizens. To sign the Green Digital Charter is only the next logical step in furthering innovation to address the energy challenge we all face.”