To fulfill the objective of implementing the Green Digital Charter, the NiCE project is developing a set of tools to support cities in the reporting and implementation of their activities. The first version of these tools is now available for comment and feedback.

The Green Digital Charter action tools catalogue provides cities with a list of proposed tools to support green digital activity.

The three Green Digital Charter reporting tools have been designed to assess cities’ statuses and compare their performance around Charter activities:  1) the Green Digital Charter implementation progress reporting tool provides cities with an initial set of qualitative and quantitative indicators for assessing the progress towards the Charter goals; 2) the ICT footprint reporting tool provides access to existing standards and methods to enable cities to measure, compare and report on ICT’s direct carbon footprint at city level; 3) the Green Digital Charter-Covenant of Mayors reporting tool presents recommendations with a view to enabling cities to highlight the ICT dimension of their efforts to reach Covenant commitments, without creating an extra burden through separate processes.

The Charter tools will reviewed, tested and validated by the NiCE reference cities group until June 2013, when the final tools will be published.

The first version of the tool development process is available for download on the Green Digital Charter portal.