The Green Digital Charter will collaborate with a newly started EU funded project:

The central goal of is to become “the” consolidated effort that, at European level, raises awareness on metrics, methodologies and best practices in measuring the energy and environmental efficiency of the ICT-sector, to facilitate their broad deployment and uptake.

The central goal of will be to set up a multichannel platform which will provide the necessary tools, as well as training and assistance to cities and smaller private organisations, to promote methodologies for measurement of carbon footprint in the ICT sector.

By participating in the Green Digital Charter wants to support the city efforts to decrease of ICT’s direct carbon footprint per city by 30% within 10 years.


The objectives of the project are:

Objective 1: Create an Support Framework Platform that informs end-users of the existence of the methodologies available and supports them in lowering barriers to entry.

Objective 2: Design user-oriented, online implementation of footprinting methodologies.

Objective 3: Develop a web application “Service Area” targeting SMEs to help assess carbon and energy footprint and share experiences.

Objective 4: Create an aggregated community for solution providers and consumers in the field of energy and environmental efficiency in the ICT sector, with a marketplace of opportunities.

Objective 5: Raise awareness, educate and empower (prospective) SMEs (and all other end-users) with actions and showcases, as well as informative material to promote green strategies.

Objective 6: Interface and liaise with the relevant standards bodies (SDOs).

Objective 7: Leave a lasting legacy with the policy makers on how to further enlarge its impact among all the stakeholders.

Objective 8: Develop and implement a sustainable business model.

Objective 9: A committed, highly influential External Advisory Group (EAG) that provides independent support in covering the needs of the targeted stakeholders.