Gothenburg signed the Green Digital Charter (GDC) on 5 November, committing to use ICT and digital technologies for energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions.


Gothenburg is a sustainable and smart city. With a fully integrated approach to city energy flows, Gothenburg is rapidly progressing towards a low carbon economy.
In a ceremony taking place during EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo on 4-6 November, Anneli Hulthén, mayor and chairman of Gothenburg’s City Executive signed on behalf of her city. Gothenburg becomes the 49th city to sign the Green Digital Charter, a further proof of its long standing commitment towards sustainability.
Gothenburg wants to be a frontrunner in environmental and urban development issues. The city is also aiming to become a leader in addressing climate and environmental problems. Signing the Green Digital Charter is one of the city’s many efforts towards reducing its carbon emissions in line with its ambitious Climate programme and Digital Development programme.
Gothenburg is looking to further engage in the exchange of knowledge and experiences with other GDC signatory cities and EUROCITIES members.