The reduction of a city’s ICT footprint by 30% is a key commitment of the Green Digital Charter and the NiCE project has decided to dedicate the first of five training sessions to this aspect.

The training “Measuring Green IT” which took place on 19 June in Belfast has therefore been designed to help cities with measurement of their ICT footprint and to highlight winning actions which contribute to the commitment.
Representatives from both signatory cities and potential ones, have been given a broad introduction to the subject of carbon footprinting by Mike Berners Lee, leading expert in carbon footprinting and director at Small World Consulting. Participants have then been updated by Jean Manuel Canet, representing the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), on latest developments in international standards for measuring ICT footprints.

Vin Sumner – partner in the project – has introduced the work of the NiCE project, presenting the ICT reporting tool which aims at providing cities with a flexible technique to enable the measurement, comparison and report on ICT’s direct carbon footprint at a city level.

Bologna - How green is my ICT?

group work - green ICT actions in cities: examples and barriers













A city case concluded the round of presentations. Giovanni Farneti has reported the experience of the Municipality of Bologna, presenting the measures undertaken to greening the city ICT.

The participants have then participated to focus group to discuss examples and barriers to Green ICT actions in cities, analyzing in particular the infrastructure, procurement and regulations points of view.

Delegates has left with a greater understanding of what needs to be done to measure the ICT footprint of a city, as well as being introduced to relevant methodologies and tools.


Download: visit the “Document from events” resource session to download agenda and presentations of the training