Euronet 50_50 maxThe project

The project EURONET50/50max is a testimony to the possibility that significant energy savings can be achieved with simple solutions. 16 partners from 13 different European countries have started implementing this project in 2013. and can now proudly show their first results. The „roll-out 50/50 initiative to unlock energy saving in schools and other public buildings“, as the full title of the project states, is a European project co-financed by the Intelligent energy Europe program and will last 36 months. The project which started in April 2013 is led by the coordinator the Barcelona Provincial Council.

The goals

The project aims at mobilizing energy savings in public buildings through the implementation of the 50/50 methodology in 500 schools and nearly 50 other public buildings from 13 EU countries. The 9-step methodology increases energy awareness of the building users and actively involves them in energy–saving actions. Our desire is to widely disseminate the 50/50 concept on the European and national levels to encourage more public authorities to implement the 50/50 methodology in their buildings.

The participants

The project is currently being implemented in approximately 500 schools and 50 public buildings. The main actors are schoolchildren who, using their creativity and ideas, implement simple measures such as making sure the light is off if no one is in the room or keeping the heat to a recommended 22°C, monitor the energy used in their building. This also provides them with the opportunity to learn more about the issues of energy and why it is important to conserve it. By working with the children, we can make sure our future remains bright!

The first results

The project aims to achieve energy savings of at least 8%. After the first year of project implementation, the savings in one of the project partners’ schools amount to an impressive average savings of 6 percent, whereof two institutions have managed to reach a 19 percent difference as opposed to the reference years. This is proof that simple actions can yield great results.

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