Green Digital Charter and Covenant of Mayors signatories are invited to take part in the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition. Open for applications until 29 February 2012, it presents local authorities with a unique opportunity to promote their project(s) or Sustainable Energy Action Plan . The competition, which was launched by the European Commission in 2005, rewards outstanding and innovative initiatives in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The award scheme is also an opportunity for cities to better showcase their commitment to local sustainable energy, benefit from institutional recognition, increased media attention and visibility.

The ceremony is to take place on 19 June 2012 in Brussels in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

 Projects are to be submitted under five different categories:

  • Communicating: Projects in this category include all types of communication activities that create awareness and aim at changing the perception and behaviour of stakeholders and citizens.
  • Consuming: Projects promoting a more efficient energy management aiming at reducing energy consumption from both production and end-user side.
  • Learning: Projects carried out to improve knowledge and skills related to energy efficiency and renewables. They are usually carried out by official training and education bodies, such as schools, universities, training centres, etc.
  • Living: Projects aiming at making buildings more energy-efficient or integrating the on-site generation of renewable energy.
  • Travelling: Projects related to sustainable mobility, clean transport and fossil-fuel free initiatives from public authorities or transport companies.

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