The Green Digital Charter is a declaration committing cities to working together to deliver on the EU climate objectives through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It therefore promotes progress in tackling climate change through the innovative use of digital technologies in cities.

In addition to a range of statements and aims, the Charter entails three specific commitments:

  • to work with Green Digital Charter signatories on ICT & energy efficiency
  • to deploy five large-scale ICT for energy efficiency pilots per city within 5 years from the signature
  • to decrease ICT’s direct carbon footprint per city by 30% within 10 years from the signature

Previously supported by the NiCE project, starting from March 2015 the Green Digital Charter is supported by the new GuiDanCe project, coordinated by EUROCITIES and co-financed by the European Union funding programme Horizon2020.

GDC has developed a portal with two main elements:



EUROCITIES is looking for a company that can handle the following points:

          I.        Adaptation and refreshing of the website in order to follow the new GuiDanCe project

Due to the start of the new supporting project for the Green Digital Charter, the current website will need to be updated by modifying all the graphical and menu references from the previous project NiCE. After the award of the contract, work should start at the beginning of May 2015. Moreover, the website platform (WordPress) and plug-ins (Calendar, maps, etc.) need to be updated. The completion of the website adaptation is expected by end of June 2015. For this task, EUROCITIES will be supplying the basic images, photographs and texts needed to create the templates that will be developed and used.

         II.        Transfer of the website to new hosting service

The selected organisation will need to organise the transfer of the GDC website (including the GDC online toolkit pages) from its current hosting service to the one that EUROCITIES uses.

       III.        Green Digital Charter website maintenance and update

Throughout the duration of the project (up to end of February 2018) EUROCITIES will need ad hoc support in order to update and maintain (technical problems, incompatibilities with new versions of WordPress, etc.) the Green Digital Charter website. Moreover, in an ad hoc fashion, EUROCITIES might need the update or redesign of certain website applications or page layouts and functionalities. The latter, if asked and agreed, will be performed and charged with the same maintenance rates. If needed so, EUROCITIES will be supplying the images, photographs and texts.

       IV.        Green Digital Charter online toolkit maintenance

Throughout the duration of the project EUROCITIES will need ad hoc support in order to update and maintain the GDC online toolkit. If needed so, EUROCITIES will be supplying the images, photographs and texts.



–       Deadline for receiving quotes: 27 April 2015

–       Notification of winning organisation and contract signature: 30 April 2015

–       Start of work related to website adaptation: beginning May 2015

–       Completion of the work related to website transfer: May 2015

–       Completion of work related to website adaptation: June 2015

–       GDC website maintenance: Ad hoc support until February 2018

–       GDC online toolkit maintenance: Ad hoc support until February 2018



The subcontracted organisation will be selected on the basis of a set of criteria:

• Willingness and ability to perform the aforementioned tasks in time and on budget

• Previous experience of developing and/or maintaining websites, databases and online toolkits

• Previous experience of working with EUROCITIES

• Reputation of the subcontractor to the European cities and smart city stakeholders

• Quality and experience of (at least one) senior expert that will supervise the aforementioned tasks


Each offer should be in EUR and should include:

  • the net value of the service and the VAT value in EUR,
  • the preliminary timeline for completion of work
  • previous expertise in website creation and maintenance
  • knowledge of the Green Digital Charter
  • Short CVs of the staff working on the task


The contract will be awarded to the expert/company that provides the best offer in terms of value for money.

Interested experts/companies should be able to work to the timeline above. Information on skills and experience of the company, related to web development and management of website should be included in the offer.

The net value of provided service and the VAT value should be clearly indicated in the offer.

The experts/companies from outside Belgium should convert offers in national currency into EUR according to the rate established by the European Commission for April 2015. Please use the EC official website: http://ec.europa.eu/budget/inforeuro/index.cfm (the rate for each month is published the first working day of this month).

Furthermore, the experts/companies from outside Belgium should take into account that in case of inter-community services, the VAT is due in the country of the customer.



The budget available for this call is 27.000 Euros (including VAT).



The Green Digital Charter project has a specific visual identity to which the profiles should be adhered to.

If you have any questions about this call, please contact Nikolaos Kontinakis nikolaos.kontinakis@eurocities.eu or 0032 (0)2 552 0846.