Burgas DSC05172fPaving the road in South-eastern Europe, Burgas has become the 45th signatory of the Green Digital Charter and first city of Bulgaria that joins the initiative.

The Green Digital Charter (GDC) is a EUROCITIES-led initiative that promotes the use of ICT solutions to reduce cities’ emissions but also the greening of cities’ ICT equipment.

On 25 February, Dimitar Nikolov, mayor of Burgas, joined the group of European cities committed to using ICT solutions to promote energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and address climate change. These objectives are in line with the EU 2020 priorities, the development of smart cities and the use of ICT to tackle wider social and economic targets.

After the signing, the mayor said: “I am ready to be an ambassador for this extremely important initiative not only in Bulgaria, but in South-eastern Europe. Burgas joins the European strategy for smart growth. The Green Digital Charter is an opportunity for new partnerships, new projects and promotion of Burgas as a city of innovation and intelligent management”.

The city, together with all the other signatories, will now participate in the Horizon 2020 GuiDanCe project, led by EUROCITIES, which follows the FP7 funded NiCE – Networking Intelligent cities for Energy Efficiency project (see here). Through exchange of knowledge and ideas, training activities and visibility events, it will support cities in delivering the objectives of the charter, as follows:

  • work with other signatory cities on ICT & energy efficiency
  • deploy five large scale ‘ICT for energy efficiency’ projects within five years
  • decrease ICT’s direct carbon footprint by 30% within 10 years