P1040251bThe third Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency (NiCE) study tour was hosted by Murcia on 5-6 May 2014. Visitors from six Green Digital Charter signatory cities learnt about the projects that Murcia is carrying out to fulfil its GDC commitments. Presentations by the various city departments that use ICT for energy efficiency, site visits and peer-to-peer discussions were organised to various project sites and venues around the city.

Study tours fall under the second area of action of the NiCE project: exchange and learning activities. They are knowledge transfer schemes that allow site visitors to interact with local stakeholders and see how projects are implemented in reality. NiCE has developed a study tour catalogue with information for hosts and visitors.


Introduction to Murcia study tour

Smart water in Murcia

New municipal ICT management model: part1, part2, part3

SMARTSPACES project in Murcia

ICT on public bicycle / Green line Murcia / WiFi public network

ICT for tourism promotion in Murcia

Noise control in smart cities – Murcia

Murcia Roadmap

To look at the study tour programme, click here. For more information and links to the Study Tour Catalogue: http://bit.ly/18BT7M1

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